100ct Cable Key Locks 1/16" UN COATED

Price: $60.00

32" length 1/16" cable and aluminum hourglass sleeve to secure keys to steering column includes 100 1/16" Hourglass aluminum sleeves and 100 sections of cable.

Americo Supply sells bulk galvanized cable with and without pvc coating. Our cable prices are below market standard and we deliver to your doorstep. Our cable is excellent for automotive key lock protection, or making specialty key lock cables. To make your own cables, we recommend you 1 bag of 1000 aluminum sleeves with each 5000 ft spool of 3/32 coated cable. We also sell high quality Crimper tools and Cable cutters, order more than 1 spool of cable and receive your crimper tool free of charge. To make a standard cable with our cable and sleeves it costs you less than $1 per key lock. We carry cable in ALL sizes, if the cable you are looking for is not listed on the site please contact us by phone or email and we will get you an immediate quote, we are standing by to assist you. We sell Auction Supplies nationwide, please see our other products for your auction supply needs. Auto Auctions deal with key theft daily and the loss is staggering. To replace a set of keys on a newer vehicle is in the hundreds of dollars, calling a locksmith is not exactly inexpensive either. Cables may not completely deter theft but they certainly do not give thieves a free ride and will stop most in their tracks. Consider key locks for your auto auction or car lots where the keys are stored in the vehicle. We ship cable nationwide at ridiculous prices, sign up with Americo today and we will make sure that you are glad you did.

SKU: 100-CableKeyLock
Weight: 4 lb